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Welcome to my website :)

This is my third or fourth attempt of having a site! I feel like I have at least some things to write about, and I feel like I'm at a turning point of my life where more interesting things might happen.

You can learn a little more about me here.

Everything is under construction.

under-construction gondola

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Today's gondola (2022-06-23)

I try to draw a gondola everyday



  • [X] "under construction" gondola
  • [X] Figure out subdirectory structure (help)
  • [X] Programatic update the index with the newest 5 articles
  • [X] "All Articles" page
  • [ ] Progamatic gondola picture of the day
  • [X] Article about how this site is made with org-mode
  • [ ] Tradução pro português?
  • [ ] Gallery
  • [X] keyring (I mean, I just linked to a PGP file, don't need more than that for now)
  • [ ] RSS

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